A month or more ago, I came across a posting on Kboards.com from George Donnelly calling for submissions to an anthology of flash fiction he was building for a September release.

I decided to throw two of my pieces — Heartland Hike and Tiny Trophies — into the fray. I also crafted a brand new story called 8N just for George’s consideration.

Writing the pieces was great fun, as always, but the collaboration among the many authors involved and George was a blast, and I hope something we can repeat down the line.

In the end, all three of my tales made the final cut, but slide into the rank-and-file with 30 other glimmering gems that cross all genres.

So, if you have a few minutes here or there, or you have an evening to fill with a smorgasbord of chewy, juicy fiction, check out Bite-Sized Stories. You can read all about them — and download the collection — at George’s blog.

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